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Malaysia Moments


Malaysia Moments

Emma Bates

Here are a number of photos I captured on a 6 day trip over to the stunning country of Malaysia. We travelled out for a whirlwind couple of days exploring Langkawi and Ipoh with The Danna Hotel, The Banajaran Hot Springs and Wellness Retreat and Malaysia Airlines. 

What I saw of the country is exquisite, the people were incredibly friendly and the scenery was incredible. It's definitely a place I intend on coming back to, to have a proper explore in the future. 

In the time we were there we embarked on a sunset boat cruise around the islands off Langakawi, explored the mangroves and were taken out to a secluded beach with Thailand in sight in the distance, we went up the longest cable car over Langkawi, had every crack massaged out of our backs, we were treated to delicious local cuisine and spent a few days relaxing and unwinding amongst natural hot springs. It was a pretty surreal trip and I didn't know what was happening next half the time, it was hard to keep up! 

It was my first press trip so it was strange adjusting to what that's like travelling that far with a group of people you don't know. It's an amazing opportunity but on this trip I remember feeling like it was an empty luxury, you were surrounded by all these incredible places but had no one to share them with. You soon realise that this is a work trip, whilst it's certainly more extravagant and luxurious than most work trips, you have to embrace it in this way to get the most out of the experience. The ones I've been on since have been far easier due to both being with great people but also because you know what to expect!

Here are some moments I captured from my trip there... 


*Thanks to Malaysia Airlines, The Danna Hotel and The Banjaran Hot Springs and Wellness Retreat for making this trip possible*