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Halloumi + Hummus Sandwich


Halloumi + Hummus Sandwich

Emma Bates

While I was in New York I had the most delicious veggie burger containing these two ingredients so I thought I'd try and replicate that meal and here you have it. 

halloumis hummus sandwich


- Sourdough bread 

- Hummus + Paprika 

- 4 slices Halloumi cheese 

- Rocket salad + Olive Oil

How to make: 

1. Toast the bread. 

2. In a small frying pan place the 4 slices of hallomi and season with a little black pepper. Cook until both sides are a little crispy. 

3. Measure 2 tablespoons of hummus (homemade recipe coming soon!) + 1 tsp of paprika, stir in till it's all combined. 

4. Drizzle a little olive oil onto the toast and then spread the hummus on. 

5. Add the halloumi and take a handful of rocket (arugula if you're American) and pop it on top before placing the other half of the sandwich on. 

halloumi hummus sandwich