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Choc Chip Milkshake


Choc Chip Milkshake

Emma Bates

If you're like me and have an almost permanent craving to eat or drink chocolate in some form then this healthy milkshake is your best bet to get your chocolate fill while not compromising eating well! I'm intolerant to dairy so spent a long time making alternatives to all my favourite treats and I have to say I now completely prefer this alternative to the indulgent traditional version. Hope you like it too! 




- 1 1/2 bananas (frozen if you want extra creaminess but unfrozen is fine too)

- 1 + 1/2 tsp raw cacao powder

- 220ml almond milk (unsweetened) 

- 1 tsp cacao nibs 

- handful of ice 

- OPTIONAL: 1 tsp maca powder 





How to make: 

1. Measure out all ingredients. 

2. Add all ingredients into your blender.

3. Blend and enjoy!

choc chip milkshake recipe