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Acai Bowl Recipe


Acai Bowl Recipe

Emma Bates

That's right ladies and gentleman. The infamous acai bowl is making an appearance on my blog. A dose of instagram cliche never goes a miss. So here you have it, my recipe for a morning acai bowl. Acai is a berry that is grown in Brazil, often classed as a 'superfood' so it's really good for you and it's not overly sweet. I can't wait to head over to South America to try it out where it's grown, I'm sure it'll taste even better!




- 2 bananas (preferably frozen) 

- 1 block of frozen acai (I get mine from Amacai)

- A splash of water / coconut milk


- Granola / Muesli 

- Nuts + Seeds

- Blueberries, Strawberries (or any of your choice)

- Cacao nibs 

- A drizzle of agave or honey


acai bowl recipe

How to make: 

1. Break up the bananas, if they're frozen then chop them before freezing, and add them into the blender. Then unwrap the block of frozen acai and break it up to put into the blender too. 

2. Add a splash of coconut milk or water to get everything in there moving. 

3. Wait till your blender's done it's job then pour into a bowl and top with any toppings you'd like. The ones listed above are my go to toppings! 

acai bowl recipe