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Undercover Coffee


Undercover Coffee

Emma Bates

Last night I went to learn more about the importance of buying Fairtade in line with Fairtrade Fortnight, specifically the importance of Fairtrade coffee.

Whilst women usually do a lot of the work when it comes to harvesting coffee, they don't own the land, their husbands do. The integration of Fairtrade into these communities has allowed for many developments, one of the most impactful is that women can now earn an income with dignity and be independent from their husbands and families. 

This fortnight is Fairtrade Fortnight, it's highlighting the importance of buying Fairtrade and the impact it has on the farmers lives. In a world consuming more food than ever, from all over the world, it's so important that we make that conscious choice.

 Each cup of Greggs coffee is made with a unique blend of freshly ground Arabica and Robusta coffee beans which are slow-roasted to create a delicious full flavour. Thanks to Fairtrade and Greggs for such an insightful evening! Greggs have been a Fairtrade Partner for 10 years and hosted us with Fairtrade for the evening.