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Sundays in the West Village


Sundays in the West Village

Emma Bates

Relaxed Sundays hanging out in West Village is most definitely my favorite kind of New York day, especially in the cold winter months. 

A typical Sunday usually involves me attempting to sleep in passed 7am and then heading downthe road to the gym. After a work out (and steam room) I head out to meet friends for breakfast, most commonly this involves some sort of pancake. Sunday should always be a pancake kinda day. My absolute favorite pancakes are at La Bonbonniere, I try to restrain from going there too often as they’re really, really delicious and I fear I’d be unable to stop. . 

After eating myself into a near food coma, it’s time for a lie down on the sofa and Netflix. You’ll most commonly find me watching House of Cards or re-watching The Crown (highly recommend both if you haven’t seen either). 

Sunday is also a day I like to write, photograph and attempt to maintain that passion. I don’t have much free time with my job at Away, which doesn’t phase me in the slightest, given that I’m completely obsessed with my job. But Sunday’s I try to do something a little creative. 

This past Sunday I headed out on a walk with my friend Mitch, he’s a photographer, and he braced the cold with me to shoot a selection of images for Lacoste. I’ve collaborated with them in celebration of the launch of their new range of footwear, the Lacoste Tennis (LT). Genuinely some of the comfiest trainers (sneakers) I’ve ever owned.  Here’s some of the images we captured this past weekend.


*Thanks to Lacoste for sponsoring this post*