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Lunch at the Post Ranch Inn


Lunch at the Post Ranch Inn

Emma Bates

This place will blow your mind. There is no two ways about it, this is without a doubt the best view I've ever had whilst eating lunch. It potentially rivals all other amazing scenery and views I've seen in my whole life. 

We had been told Big Sur was pretty spectacular however both Finn and I were skeptical. Skeptical until we rounded one corner and our mouths quite literally dropped open at the views that lay before us. This area of coastline along the Pacific Coast Highway is famed for it's sea fog which rolls magically in and out throughout the day. It's absolutely mesmerising to watch. 

A few summers ago my parents stayed in Big Sur at a hotel called The Post Ranch Inn, as soon as I saw the photos from their stay here I knew I absolutely needed to visit at some point in the not so distant future. So that is exactly what we did on our road trip down the coast. We decided to break up our road trip by stopping off at the restaurant, Sierra Mar. After pulling up to the hotel and parking your car, you then walk up a flight of wooden stairs that line the side of a steep hill. At the top you'll see the restaurant and the glimmers of what lies beyond. It's not until you walk into their restaurant, that the incredible beauty of Big Sur truly hits you. It feels as though you're floating above the clouds in a glass aeroplane. All you can see for miles is this incredible fog, cloud and blue sky. Every so often the fog blows up towards the restaurant and over your head. There were moments throughout the lunch where we were both just completely silent staring at what was around us. 

I genuinely can only encourage every person that reads this and every person I know (IRL) to visit The Post Ranch Inn. It's a place I'll never forget, go check it out for lunch, it's $55 a head for a 3 course meal of incredible food with the best view you could ever ask for. If you can afford the rather pricey rooms then you most definitely need to stay, it would be dream honeymoon destination! Photos can't quite do the view justice but here's a selection I took whilst we were there.