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A night in Montauk


A night in Montauk

Emma Bates

Hey there, apologies, I know it's been a little while. Life has been rather busy and I've been somewhat neglecting this site. But fear not, I'm back! For the mean time at least. And I want to tell you about a little trip I took, with my friend Sophie, out to Montauk a few weeks back. Sophie had just finished college for the year, obviously she wanted a little escape to celebrate and relax and me, well, I'm always down for a little adventure. 

We hopped on the Jitney and headed out East. Montuak is the last stop on the Jitney and it's pretty stunning out there too. We sat patiently through the crawling traffic out of Manhattan and after three and a half hours we arrived at The Surf Lodge at dusk. We dumped our bags and headed to the restaurant for dinner. The food there is incredible, I ordered the vegetable curry and it was absolutely incredible, I couldn't recommend it enough. 

The next morning, Sophie and I got up super early, as per usual and headed to breakfast. At the Surf Lodge this summer, my absolute favourite cafe in New York, Bluestone Lane, is serving up their breakfasts here. After tucking in to the selection of food  we borrowed a two of the lodge's bicycles and embarking on the 35 minute cycle out to Montauk Lighthouse. 

It was a little cloudy when we got there, but beautiful nonetheless. On our journey back we decided we were definitely deserving of a lobster roll and cycled all the way to Gurney's. Their rolls did not disappoint and I highly recommend you check it out, they're on a beautiful stretch of beach and it's super relaxing. 

If you're an avid surfer then Montauk is a pretty great place for you to head to and even if you're not, it's entirely different to most of it's neighbouring villages which include the likes of East Hampton. It's far more chilled out and whilst there's hints of the glamour present in the rest of the Hamptons, it's managed to maintain a relatively low key atmosphere. 

I highly recommend checking out both Montauk and the Surf Lodge, it's blissfully peaceful and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City. 

Thanks to The Surf Lodge for hosting us.