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The Observatory at The One World Trade Centre


The Observatory at The One World Trade Centre

Emma Bates

One thing I've loved about having friends to visit, other than actually seeing those friends, is that it's forced me to go out and explore the city I'm currently living in. It's very easy to become complacent and stay within your neighbourhood, but having friends here has forced me to go out and actually see everything the city has to offer. 

This is by far the best view I've found in New York, I don't usually like tourist attractions but we arrived at the perfect time. It was golden hour as we approached the top floor and the buildings of Manhattan were glistening. We chose quite literally the perfect day to visit, there were clear skies and the sun was shining. The sun began to set and the sky lit up pink, it was incredible. Highly recommend visiting for sun set on a clear day! 

You also must check out the Oculus, which has just opened to the public, it's the new transport hub and whilst there's a little disagreement over why $4 billion dollars was spent building it, I have to say, it really is incredible. It's so white and serene. We lay down right in the middle and looked up to the view of the Freedom Tower above us. Perhaps the most peaceful place I've found so far in the city. 

Outfit Details: 

Jeans - J Brand

Boots - Seven Boot Lane

White Shirt - Zara

Jumper - RD Style