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Los Angeles


Los Angeles

Emma Bates

LA is an interesting city, there's parts I really dislike but then elements I also really enjoy and would go back to time and time again. 

It's a place I feel at home in because I have somewhat of a second family, that are dotted around the city, so I know I always have a home to stay while I'm there, I also love the culture of health and keeping fit as well as the huge number of hikes and outdoor pursuits you can go on.  However, in many other ways, parts of the city feel completely alien to me. There's a lot about it which feels quite shallow and empty. Due to the celebrity culture that centres around the film and music industry, there's many aspects which feel more than a little disingenuous, giving some areas of the city a strange vibe. I think the fact it's also so spread out and it's virtually impossible to walk from one area to another makes it all a little disjointed and you don't feel as connected to the city as a whole just little parts of it. 

However in amongst all the craziness that goes on there's a number of places I really love so I thought I'd share them with you!

1. LACMA, if you want to find the infamous street lamp installation, it is here. There's also a collection of great exhibitions and it's a very peaceful place to walk around. 

2. Runyon Canyon hike, you'll have a great view of the city and it's an excellent work out too!

3. Barry's Bootcamp, I go to the studios in London however this is where it all started so make sure you pay them a visit for the best workout in the world!

4. Abbott Kinney, this is my favourite area in LA, set a block back from Venice Beach, you'll find hippy shops and beautiful design lining this Boulevard, if I lived in LA, I would live here. 

5. Pressed Juicery, amazing selection of juices pressed to perfection and each bottle is stuffed full with goodness. 

6. Lemonade, this is the perfect lunch spot, there's a couple of them and they all do a great selection of salads as well as the flavoured lemonades they're known for.

Pressed Juicery LA

7. Camping in Malibu, there's a number of Canyons that head inland from the sea in the Malibu area and you can set up camp for the night and spend the whole day on the beach. It's super chilled and really fun with a group of friends. 

8. Santa Monica, one of my favourite areas in the city, great for shopping eating and an afternoon explore. 

9. Reseda Viewpoint, head up here for golden hour with a picnic and a group or friends, it's gorgeous and has a brilliant view across the valley.

Reseda Point, LA

10. Hiking to the Hollywood Sign, the infamous sign that is renowned to Los Angeles is accessible via a hike through Griffith Park. It brings you to the top of the sign and it's the closest you can get. Try not to be eaten by the mountain lion!

11. Soul Cycle, the spinning class that's taken over America, there's no better place to try it than LA.

12. Urth Cafe, I was taken here by my friend Alexa who is obsessed with it and I love it also. Great simple food and the perfect place to hang out with friends. 

13. In N' Out, I couldn't do a list of places in LA and miss this one out. I feel completely disgusting after every time I eat one but oh my god those animal fries. 

14. Hollywood Bowl, I first came here when I was 13 and have such great memories that I always try to go back whenever I can. Last year I spent 4th July there watching Steve Martin and it was a lot of fun!

Let me know your favourite places in LA in the comments so I can check them out next time I'm there, which is hopefully later this year!