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Missed flights and a weekend in New York


Missed flights and a weekend in New York

Emma Bates

You may be thinking how could you possibly do New York in 2 days. Well fear not my friends here's your guide to seeing the very best of the city in a very limited time period. 

We may or may not have managed to miss our flight back from Costa Rica, due to a series of unfortunate events involving incredibly bad time keeping on our part, really poor quality roads and just general bad luck. Having been shuttled from ticket office to ticket office, being told our flight home would cost $2000 we thought it was about time we took matters into our own hands. We looked up a hotel nearby which looked half decent and patiently awaited a cab. During which time the world decided we hadn't had enough misfortune for one day so it was going to open the heavens and pour a torrential, tropical downpour on us as well. Bedraggled and by this point, slightly delirious, we arrived at our hotel, got out our laptops and began to search. Skyscanner was our lifesaver, we had established that a connecting flight through the US was our cheapest way back to the UK so we typed in Costa Rica to the United States and began to search. 

At long last, luck was on our side and my favourite city in the world, New York, was the cheapest option. 1 hour later, at around 10pm our battles with the United Airlines website had been won, we were on a 6am flight out of Costa Rica to New York for 2 nights. Finn studies in New York so we had a base to stay in, meaning no more hotel bills and every excuse to head to NYC. Needless to say I then couldn't get to sleep before the 3am alarm because I was far too excited. 

We landed at Newark airport around lunch and headed into the city. We were greeted by the humidity of New York summer, which was actually very welcome after the ice cold air con on the plane. During our spontaneous adventure there we actually managed to see and do more in 2 and a 1/2 days than I did when I was there for 2 weeks, earlier this year. We were on a mission to discover as much as possible in a short amount of time, it certainly helped than Finn had been living there for 5 months and that we both had friends to meet around the city but never the less it's still possible to do all of this if you have a short amount of time. 

New York in 2 days. Manhattan Skyline.

Head to Smorgasburg, to taste test some of the best street vendors in the city, there's going to be a recommendation post up on here in a couple of days with more details about it. But in short it's a square of pop up food trucks and stalls serving anything and everything you could possibly want. We visited the Williamsburg location on the banks of the East River. This way you also get a fantastic view back across the city. 

Do a morning run around Central Park, or walk if you're not feeling as energetic. It's a great way to see the park and also get in a work out. We were there over the weekend of the New York Triathlon so there was a really fun atmosphere in the park. I love the mentality of keeping fit that the majority of New Yorkers seem to have, they have pathways through the park that are packed with runners every weekend, not a sight you commonly see in London.

Wander around Nolita, my favourite part of the city after West Village. I adore it there, it's beautiful and when I move to the city I will save every penny possible just to afford to rent somewhere here. There's plenty of shops and little cafes to poke your head into.

FOODIE TIP: Eat brunch at Two Hands and try their acai smoothie bowl and eat dinner at Ruby's in Nolita, incredible pasta and burgers, if you can't decide what to get then order both, I won't judge. 

Visit a museum. We decided to go to the Guggenheim because Finn hadn't been and I love the spiral layout but you could try the Met, MOMA or the new Witney Museum if you want a few alternatives. 

Highline, New York

Walk the High Line, a converted overground railway track come city park, it gives you little views down Manhattan's street and it's a beautiful spot to relax in. In the summer they also have street vendors set up on some parts of the High Line to get a snack or an ice lolly along the way!

Grab an Iced Almond milk latte, or your coffee beverage of choice, from Joe's Coffee

Brunch at the Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe, they'll be another recommendation post about it coming shortly to the blog. There's a couple in the city but we went to the Greenwich Village location. 

Mr Brainwash,  New York

Visit the Mr Brainwash exhibit, if it's still on, in the Meatpacking District. While you're in the area also pop your head into the Gansevoort Market, it's awesome. 

Book a table at Ethos on the Upper East Side and go there for dinner, they have great Greek food. Order a load of dishes and share them all. Bonus of eating here is that desert is included so they just bring it out when you're finished! 

If you're a Soho House member, or friends with someone that is, then make use of the rooftop pool in the summer and also the Sunday Feast. I ate so much food I couldn't move. 

I think that's basically everything we got up to in amongst meeting friends and sweating it out on the subway! Hope this serves as proof that New York is always a fantastic idea and you don't need more than a couple of days to make the most of it. Although the more time you can spend there the better because at the end of the day it is New York and it's pretty fantastic. 

Let me know your favourite spots in the city so I can check them out when I go at the end of October!